Bending Time

January 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Bending Time_3108Bending Time_3108In-camera effect involving a mixture of slow shutter speed, zoom and rotation to create this abstract imagge of woods and path. Today I want to give you some insight into making unusual, abstract images in-camera without the need for photoshop.

I was out walking in the woods on a dull afternoon in January and the light was pretty uninspiring. I had given up the idea of photographing anything of interest and so decided to have a play instead.

It can be a fun experimenting and these simple ideas will move you forward on your own photographic journey.

The image above is called 'Bending Time' and it uses a simple technique to create movement. All you need is a zoom lens that you can manually control.

1. First set the ISO low as possible

2. Next set your exposure (Evaluative or Centre metering will do) using a low speed such as 30th sec or less.

3. Zoom the lens whilst taking the photo. It will look something like this...

I Fell for Autumn_0508I Fell for Autumn_0508The rush of autumn 4. Then try rotating the camera in your hand whilst holding the lens and allowing it to zoom at the same time. You should end up with something like this image.


I hope that is helpful. Give it a try and send me a link to your efforts.

Finally, below are some more results using a combination of theses ideas.

Happy Shooting.

Softly Underwood_5852Softly Underwood_5852Saplings in a small wood with vertical shake. Increasing the Frequency_3099Increasing the Frequency_3099Abstract taken in Caerlee Woods using in-camera tecnique.



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