Modified 31-Oct-17
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As these cards are reprinted, I will have them updated with my new web and email address details on the back as shown here, however many in stock still have the old details on them.

Cards are available directly from me

£3.00 each + pp
Frozen Weeping BirchesSnow ReliefPortland RamThe Frozen RiverbankNeidpath in Artic ChillPoppy FlowGarden WindowWinter is CallingWater Sprirt_2015-1Traquair and Tweed_2015-1Stobo Falls_2015-1Rainbow_2015-1Inviting Peace_2015-1Japanese Bridge in Autumn_2015-1Holy Light_2015-1Golden Dawn_2015-1Footprints in the Sand_2015-1Daffodil_2015-1Collie-Meg_2015-1Serenity_St Marys loch_2015-1