Serenity_3301Serenity_3301Winter reflections of the Southern Uplands on St Mary's Loch, Scottish Borders. Tibbie Shiels Inn and the Sailing club are in the middle distance.
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Winter is the great harvester of souls.
In its deepening grip, life is either suspended or destroyed as its chill cleanses the landscape of microbic pestilence.
Winter's grip can be gentle or fierce, cool or freezing, soft or hard.
The land braces itself. We dig-in for survival.
Barbed Ice_1941Bucking the Trend_2538_zCaerlee Hill in Winter_3403Chilly Trees_2499_zCrocusses Rising_7878Cuddy Brigg Winter Sunrise_MG_2015eDamp Snowdrop Head_9894Evening Sun on Freezing TweedFirst Snowdrops_3965Frosty ViewFrozen Weeping Birches_7786John Buchan Way_2547Lee Pen Summit in Winter_2015_sLeithen Chill_2044_zLine IIILoch Pines_6132Moorfoot Hills in Winter Light_9093Neidpath Castle in Artic Chill_1724Opening into Spring_0357Rustic Ice in Blue_2982