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Created 3-Feb-16
Modified 6-Feb-24
This is a project celebrating the abundance of talent in the Tweed Valley here in the Scottish Borders where I have lived for the past 20 years.
Over time, you will find artists, musicians, and people that generally interest me. Some are at the beginning of their careers, others have been crafting away for years.
I hope you enjoy the images and their stories.
Alex Feechan-FINDRAOliverHazel McLean, ArtistVivienne Reid, Actor & Film MakerAngela Hunter, SculptorRUDIJulie Hill 2021Ricky - A Biker's taleCath Livingstone-small farmRev Charles Aitchison'Mossy' (Paul Moss)Moy Mackay-Felt ArtistTommy Ashby-musicianMills Band-groupKathy Stewart-musicianFrank Usher-guitar manRobin Laurie-shepherd