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A series of images from various moon events primarily here where I live. I am fortunate that we enjoy a clear view of many of these full moons and super moons or eclipses, often taken from the house looking over the surrounding hills.
Moon over Caddon Bank_3266_5D11Moonrise_2615_moonCrescent Moon Arriving_2822_localTowards the New Moon_2412_localCrescent Moon January Dawn_1980_localVenus meets the New Moon_8999- 5D1120200309-Super Worm Moon_8514- 5D11Moon Haze over Dusk_1362Crescent Moon over Purple Sunset_1357Moonrise-20191108_MG_0008_5DCrescent Moon between Venus and Jupiter_0143Crescent Moon with Venus and Jupiter over Traquair_0134Crescent Moon and Venus_0016Waxing Gibbous in Evening Afterglow-1657Waxing Winter Blue Moon_9910moon_eclipse_2015_zMoon Rising over Traquair_9957_z

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