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Portrait of a Man of God

It was my great pleasure to spend a couple of hours chatting and photographing Charles at St Andrew's Episcopal Church, Innerleithen in September 2016.

Charles has throughout his life had many mystical and spiritual experiences, often of a psychic nature, which have directed him to the path he now follows as a fully ordained priest within the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Acknowledging that some of his unique gifts and experiences may have labelled him a Heretic in times long past, Rev Aitchison now dedicates his life to the church and its ministry.

Originally from Penicuik, Charles was born to teach and after completing his studies at Durham University he taught for several years in County Durham before becoming Head of St James’ Primary School in Penicuik where he stayed until his retirement in 1995.

In 1989 Charles was licensed as a Lay Reader; in 1993 he was ordained Deacon and served at St Andrew’s Innerleithen, then in 1998 he was ordained Priest and now serves both St Peter’s Peebles and St Andrew’s Innerleithen.

What makes Charles so unique are the visions and experiences he has had throughout his life. From out-of-body experiences as a child to predictive portends of friends deaths and waking visions of a highly symbolic nature.

Following one such vision he commissioned an artist friend to help him interpret and portray what he saw which he treasures to this day.