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Selection of Landscape & Nature images from around the Scottish Borders in Tweed Valley and Ettrick Valley, for ITV Borders, Border Life feature.
Double Rainbow below Orchard Rig_1574Fire over Ice_2-2043_localJapanese Bridge at Stobo in Autumn_2248Megget Reservoir from Dam Head_6593Megget Reservoir_0017Megget Water and Glen_6599Peace and Tranquillity by Stobo Castle_0792Serenity_3301.jpgSt Mary's Loch Sunset_2309Standing Still by the Loch_0018Sunset behind Trees_4461Talla FallsThe Coming Storm-7278The Land Reflects_8928The Long and Winding Road to Fruid_0055_7D2Three Snowy Sheep_0118_editTrack through Autumn_0858Tweed Valley Sunrise_9466