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Ice Fall_0237Ice Fall_0237The tumbling waters of the freezing Tail Burn rushing from Loch Skeen, plummet into the head of the Grey Mare's Tail, Scotlands fifth largset natural waterfall, from an elevation of 60 meters or 200 feet.
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From the depths of winter, these images record the freezing temperatures and icy conditions we sometimes experience here.

The element Water, when freezing, turns into magical crystals that defy the normal rules of liquid to form amazing structures from crystals and icicles to deep snow.
Winter Sun by Tweed_2293_localIce Fall_0237Loch Skeen_Panorama1I Stand Alone_0426A Rugged Land_0422White Coomb Cold Shoulder_0421Loch Skeen on Spring Equinox_2018_0214Three Snowy Sheep_0118_editMoorfoot Hills in Winter Light_9093Warm Light on a Cool Landscape_8948The Land Reflects_8928Lee Pen Summit in Winter_2015_sSnow Bridge_4870Toll House Dec 2010_4867Hot and Cold_4853St Andrews Leckie Parish in Winter_4846Frozen Weeping Birches_7786Frozen St Mary's Loch_2621The Frozen Riverbank_2137-3Neidpath Castle in Artic Chill_1724