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Drawn from my Nature stock gallery these images are a celebration of plant and animal life from around Scotland.
Reach for the Sky_2828_local-2Nature's Monolith_2737_landscapeSolar Tree on St Mary's Loch_0851_5D2Waitng to Fall_0107_7DAutumnal Tweed_0486_7DStars of the Web_0141_5DThe-Flight-of-the-Crows_9558Woodland Bluebells_9293- 5DBranches in January Light_0018-7DScot's Pine in Autumn Sunset_1113_7DSpring into Summer_0877April Bluebells-0040Black Gold in Limelight-3451Autumn Gold by St Mary's Loch-0004Entangling Yew_0005A Dear Green Place_2263Three Snowy Sheep_0118_editOystercatcher Bahing-0037A Rich Legacy-7240Aspiration in Red_4984