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Created 21-Jan-19
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Family group photo at Glenskirlie House Caastel on 19th January 2019 to celebrate mum's 90th birthday on the 20th.
20190119- Mums 90th_7x5_0017-18_combo-print20190119- Mums 90th_9x6_0017-18_combo-print20190119- Mums 90th_10x8_0017-18_combo-print20190119- Mums 90th_REDO_7x5_001820190119- Mums 90th_REDO_9x6_001820190119- Mums 90th_REDO_10x8_001820190119- Mums 90th_MG_001720190119- Mums 90th_MG_0018