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The Tweed Valley area is primarily from Upper Tweeddale to Galashiels but extends along the river Tweed's 92 miles to Eyemouth through Melrose and Coldstream too. This stretch is mainly from Upper Tweeddale to just beyond Melrose with many of the images taken locally here too from around Traquair and Innerleithen area and is being continually revised and updated.
Autumn Beeches by the Tweed_5573_5DWoodland Path in Autumn_5726_90DRiver Tweed by Peebles in Autumn_5468_5DLight and Shade on the Land_4881_90DRiver Tweed from Caerlee Hill_4660_5DTraquair House in Spring Green_4170Traquair Fishing Hut in Winter_3018-5DRiver Tweed in Autumn Peebles_2431-90D-autumnNeidpath Castle in Autumn Colour_2378River Tweed in Autumn Light._2290River Tweed from Dreva-PanoTweed Sunrise from Traquair Road Bridge_1393Bowhill Loch_0208-Bowhill-5DTraquair House & Daffodils-20220415_9735Pink Light on Tweed_8173-5D-localSun over Tweed at Quair Water_7822-5D_localThe Cuddy Brig over Leithen Water_8011-5d-localSunset over Manor Bridge_7631Manor Bridge_7952-7d-localTraquair Bank Trees in Autumn_6861-local