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The Tweed Valley area is primarily from Upper Tweeddale to Galashiels but extends along the river Tweed's 92 miles to Eyemouth through Melrose and Coldstream too. This stretch is mainly from Upper Tweeddale to just beyond Melrose with many of the images taken locally here too from around Traquair and Innerleithen area and is being continually revised and updated.
Lush Border Lands_2859_localLee Pen from the Minch_2640_localSTOCK ART IMAGES LandscapesWalkerburn from Southern Upland Way_2611_localThe Pines above Traquair_2555_localToll Wood Trees ove Winter Landscape_2394_localScots Pines beneath Priesthope Hill_2341_localWinter Sun by Tweed_2293_localPines above Tweed_2164_localStreak into Sundown_2138_localFire over Ice_2043_localSunrise on Orchard Rig_1998_localSunset behind Caerlee Hill_0282Sun on Tweed Bank_1935_localSheep Grazing on Moorfoot Hills_0107_7DWhite Cottages under Dod Hill_0005_7DLight in the Valley_0002_7DFlight of Daedalus_0088_7DRising Star over Lowland Mist_0585_5D2Sun Setting over Tweed_0032_7D