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Box at St Mary's Loch_7295Box at St Mary's Loch_7295The telephone box at the Loch of the Lowes and St Mary's Loch in Ettrick Valley, Scottish Borders. The box is next to the wooden cafe.
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A collection of old post office telephone boxes and post boxes from around the country as I find them
04-03-2010_AA Box_2638Box at St Mary's Loch_7295St Mary's Loch Calling_2900Call Box Leithen Road_2074Eddleston Telephone Box_0018Ettrickbridge Telephone Box_2198Glenborradale Phone & Post Box_1388Jedburgh Tel Box_MG_9484Long Distance CallPhone Box at Muirton_Gleneagles_1874Post Box North Berwick_0177Post Box, St Andrews_2644Telephone Box_Peebles High Street_2022Twin Boxes PerthWalkerburn Tel Box-1934Winter Calling 2_8907_MG_6935fintry_glasgow-0005Hall Street Telephone Box-20190304-_MG_0010Calling Red October_6829-local