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Redwood Bark Detail_9698-5d copyRed Head in Wind and Rain_4667Red on Green_4665Breaking Blue_4523Breathe_2197Wolf Moon_2021-01-29_2179_localSouthern Dawn Light_1978_localShepherd's Delight_0948_5DThe Long and Winding Road to Fruid_0055_7D2Blue Stratum_0376_5DSunset Strip_3465-66Whitson Sike at St Mary's Loch_0700_7DGolden Seeds on Purple Veins_9133St.Marys Loch Marina_0019The Morning Star_1106Purple Clematis_1255- longRhapsody in Blue_0512-EditThree Snowy Sheep_0118_editCool Sunset-9891-2A Rich Legacy-7240