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As autumn approaches, the first signs of decay become visible in the changing colours of the foliage and cooling winds that come to take them from their places.

In the great metaphor of Life, Autumn foretells our retraction into winter. For some like me this is a magical time of year. Mysterious and beautiful on the outside, it can amaze and inspire us at a very deep level.
Fallen Gold Leaf_6800-localTweed Autumn Colours by Caddon Bank_6881Waitng to Fall_0107_7DAutumnal Tweed_0486_7DGolden Tweed_0451_5DA Peaceful Loch_0192_5DTraquair & Beyond_20191114_0050_7DLyne Station Road-20191027_1125_7DScot's Pine in Autumn Sunset_1113_7DA Walk in the Park_0882_7DBowhill Loch in Autumn_20191015_0724_7DAn Autumn Entanglement_0718_7DBowhill in Autumn_20191015_0705_7DWhitson Sike at St Mary's Loch_0700_7DJapanese Bridge in Autumn_3850Japanese Maple Fire_3848River Tweed towards Traquair Bank in Autumn_3627Traquair and TweedA Rich Legacy-7240Green and Gold_9147