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As autumn approaches, the first signs of decay become visible in the changing colours of the foliage and cooling winds that come to take them from their places.

In the great metaphor of Life, Autumn foretells our retraction into winter. For some like me this is a magical time of year. Mysterious and beautiful on the outside, it can amaze and inspire us at a very deep level.
River Tweed by Peebles in Autumn_5468_5DGold Leaf_5567_5DAutumn Beeches by the Tweed_5573_5DGolden Green_5628_90DAutumnal Fire_5623_90DWoodland Path in Autumn_5726_90DRustic Waters_5466_5DPeebles Autumn Colours by the Tweed_5663_90DGutter Leaves_5246_5DNaked in Gold_5400_5DTransition_2364-90D-autumnNeidpath Castle in Autumn Colour_2378Horse Chestnut Tree in Autumn_2330-local-5DAutumn StockFalling LeavesRiver Tweed in Autumn Light._2290Path through Autumnal Woods_2525-5D-autumnLoch Earn Shore in  Autumn_2481-90D-autumnImpressions of Autum_6869-localAutumn Leaves on Water_2578-90D-autumn