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Winter is the great harvester of souls.
In its deepening grip, life is either suspended or destroyed as its chill cleanses the landscape of microbic pestilence.
Winter's grip can be gentle or fierce, cool or freezing, soft or hard.
The land braces itself. We dig-in for survival.
Snowdrop Drip_5766_90DSnowdrop Reveal_3437-local_90DTraquair Winter Woodland Sun_3227-5D_localTraquair Fishing Hut in Winter_3018-5DFrozen Birches_3000-5DFir Trees in Golden Morning Light_3014-90DWinter Sunset over Leithen Water_2858-5D-local-3First Garden Snowdrops_7649-5D_localWinter Farm Tracks_2401_localSun behind Toll Wood_2393_localBirth of a Snowdrop_2366_localWinter Sun by Tweed_2293_localIcy Farm Track_2287_lower-grange_longSunrise on Orchard Rig_1998_localSunset behind Caerlee Hill_0282Kailzie Snowdrops-0013Winter Grazing under Lee PenChilly Misty Morning_0048Ice Fall_0237Loch Skeen_Panorama1