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The base element Earth connects us to the land we live on. Here I try to share its moods and atmospheres over the changing seasons.

Earth is our home - a secure island in a vast ocean of the Universe. Seen from our orbit, Earth is precious and unique.

Our landscape is our environment, a dynamic and volatile place which we need to cherish, protect and maintain.

Here then are some of the varied features of the Scottish landscape.
November Gold_5625_5DAutumn Beeches by the Tweed_5573_5DWoodland Path in Autumn_5726_90DEast Meets WestLight and Shade on the Land_4881_90DThe Beehive over Lagg croft_4584Fir Trees in Golden Morning Light_3014-90DMisty Sunset over Traquair Woods_2935-local-2Bowhill Loch_0208-Bowhill-5DThe Winding Road_3260_7D_mountbengerSweep to Prey_2864_localLush Border Lands_2859_localLee Pen from the Minch_2640_localThree Sheds_2279_lower-grange_longThe Long and Winding Road to Fruid_0055_7D2Solar Tree on St Mary's Loch_0851_5D2Autumnal Tweed_0486_7DThe Rising Mist_9860EARTHBig Tree in a Green Sea_MG_9467- 5D

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