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The base element Earth connects us to the land we live on. Here I try to share its moods and atmospheres over the changing seasons.

Earth is our home - a secure island in a vast ocean of the Universe. Seen from our orbit, Earth is precious. Seen from our landscape, our environment is a dynamic and volatile place which we need to cherish, protect and maintain. These then are some of the varied features of the Scottish landscape.

Soundtrack by Craig Jeffrey from the Album 'Don't Blow Away' - We'll Find Our Feet
A Dappled Land-0666A Hard Road to Master_7303A Rustic Land_0842Amber Chill_0059As Morning Breaks_1796- 7DBass Rock CliffsBen Lomond Sunset_4961Black House North UistBranches in the Dawn_0018Cademuir in Autumn_0993Caerlee Hill in Winter_3403Cool LandscapeCool Sunset-9891-2Cuillins in ReflectionDivided Landscape_0235Double Rainbow below Orchard Rig_1574Earth WaveEast Meets WestEttrick Valley Sunset_4063Evening Beckons