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The base element Earth connects us to the land we live on. Here I try to share its moods and atmospheres over the changing seasons.

Earth is our home - a secure island in a vast ocean of the Universe. Seen from our orbit, Earth is precious and unique.

Our landscape is our environment, a dynamic and volatile place which we need to cherish, protect and maintain.

Here then are some of the varied features of the Scottish landscape.
Yellow Field_3138Winter Light on Southern Land_0054Whitson Sike at St Mary's Loch_0700_7DWarm Sun on Chilled Hill_9324Warm Light on a Cool Landscape_8948Tweed Valley Sunrise_9466Traquair Landscape_2957Traquair and TweedTraquair & Beyond_20191114_0050_7DTransient Light_9016Tranquil Banks-4788-editTrack through Autumn_0858To the Beach_2724_editTighnuilt in Autumn Colours_0585Three Sheds_2279_lower-grange_longThe Winding RoadThe Winding Road_3260_7D_mountbengerThe Sware_0636_sThe Rolling Hills of Traquair_0096The Road to Talla_9332-1

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