Graham Riddell Photography Scottish Borders | Mist
Those evocative moments as the mist clears from the land.
An Eerie Luminance_7465As Morning Breaks_1796- 7DCool Sunset-9891-2Cows in the Mist_0042Dusk on Southern Uplands in Winter_7646-01Into the Void_7600Iron Age Mist_7341IronFort__MG_0310-01Mist in the Forest_2471-zMist in the Glen_8260Misty Morning_3209Misty Sunrise_5874Moon Behind Tree in Mist_0074Morning Crecent Moon_7463Morning Mist on Tweed_1827- 7DMorning Mist_0309Obscuration-0094Primeval Dawn_7354-01Primordial Land_8287Southern Sunset_9440