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Our sky holds the element Air, the very breath of life we depend on to live.

Worryingly for us all, due to increasing pollution from our industrial processes and modes of travel choices, particularly cars and jet propelled aeroplanes, we are in danger of poisoning the very very air we breathe. It's a slow death, like strangulation or asphyxiation, and is the cause of more asthma in our children worldwide.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Mankind has also chosen to allow deforestation on an industrial scale around the world, including the mighty Amazon Rain Forest, slashing and burning the very trees that produce the air we breathe and that soak-up our excessive carbon dioxide.
Rhapsody in Red Yellow and Blue_1322-localFirst Light_1341-5DDusk Skyline_3229Homecoming_3111-90D_localDusk at Pines on the Hill_7998-5D-localAmber Glow_7995-5D-localEncroaching Darkness_7737-5D_localWaiting for Sunrise_7803-5D_localSundown over Orchard Rig_7221-localFir Tree in Amber_7574The Coming Storm-7278Light above the Trees_6986-localRise Above It_6994-localClouds on Fire_2413_localStreak into Sundown_2138_localSouthern Dawn Light_1978_localCrescent Moon January Dawn_1980_localDawn Light above Trees_0016_7DSilver Birch Dawn_0051The-Flight-of-the-Crows_9558

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