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Standing Still by the Loch_0018Standing Still by the Loch_0018A wee trip down to the magical St Mary's Loch. She never fails to deliver. Here a fisherman stands in perfect harmony with the stillness of the loch and its perfect reflections.
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Water is the gift of Life. Without it all dies.

Our water sources are the most precious of our natural resources.

We must protect them at all times from pollution and contamination which can spread disease, or even poison the land from which we harvest our food.

It can bathe us in gentle streams and has the power to sink all our hopes in waves of truly epic proportions.
Golden Green_5592_5DWATERGolden Flow_5611_90DFishing on Lake of Menteith_4243- 5DTraquair Fishing Hut in Winter_3018-5DMercury Waters_2626-90D-autumnMercury Waters_2625-90D-autumnA Watery Hallowed Spookyness_2428-5D-autumnAutumn Leaves on Water_2578-90D-autumnRiver Tweed in Autumn Light._2290Black and Blue_1752-7D-localPort Cardloch beach looking to Girvan_1011-GirvanPink Light on Tweed_8173-5D-localThe Ripple Effect_8881-7D-localPassing Time_8839-7D-localImpressions of Autum_6869-localImpressions of Autumn_6846-7DMegget Reservoir Looking North_6593As Above so Below_6571Autumnal Tweed_0486_7D