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Double Rainbow over Chester Hill_1563Double Rainbow over Chester Hill_1563Double rainbow forming on the western outskirts of Innerleithen, Scottish Borders
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Rainbows often form here in the Tweed Valley, as the lay is primarily east/west and so when showers pass through and when the the sun is low, we can get some spectacular sights.
This collection is not exclusively from the Tweed Vally but wherever I find them.
Rainbow over Caddon Bank_5562_5DRainbow over Caddon Bank_5561_5DRainbow on Loch Earn_5337_5DHalo of the Sun_5653_90DRainbow over Caddon Bank_2173-local-90DRainbow over Ale_1774Rainbow through Trees_8981-7D-localRainbow over Pine Tree_8971-7D-localRainbow Light on Southern Land_0408_5DDouble Rainbow over a Parched land_1969Rainbow over Black Meldon_9661Horses in Rainbow Field_2211Spectral LightForest Fire_3268Rainbow-on-Sea_0674Steeple RadianceGo NowRainbow Sky_9095Rainbow over Horsburgh Ruin_8714Double Rainbow below Orchard Rig_1574