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In this series I explore the dramatic formations of clouds as they continually form, change and reform as our weather patterns change throughout the seasons.

If trees are the 'lungs of the world' Air is their most vital by-product, sucking in carbon dioxide and releasing vital new oxygen.

Our atmosphere can be as gentle as a poet's kiss or as destructive as a demon's fist and our clouds reveal Nature's varying moods.
Red Cloud Passing Trees_2121_localAt Rest_9549- 5DBird on the Wire_9474- 5DThe Observer_9437- 5DSeeing a Way Through_9029- 7DPaint it Red_0026-7DRainbow Clouds_9670Red Cloud Passing_0003Clouds-in-blue-sky_0524Rhapsody in Blue_0512-EditStrike through the Blue-2646Amber Warning-2645Pink Whisp_9404A Dark Omen_8971Stormy Sunbeams_4999Cloud Scare_4950Hidden Light_4941Are You Receiving Me_3282Cumulus Connection_1811Drifting_0917