Graham Riddell Photography Scottish Borders | CLOUDscapes
The element Air or atmosphere, contains amongst others, the very breath of life we need to live.

In this series I explore the dramatic formations of clouds as they continually form, change and reform as our weather patterns change throughout the seasons.

If trees are the 'lungs of the world' Air is their most vital by-product, after sucking in carbon dioxide and releasing vital new oxygen.

Our atmosphere can be as gentle as a poet's kiss or as destructive as a demon's fist.
A Ploughed Sky_0118Are You Receiving Me_3282As Light Fades_9245Atomic CloudBeyond the Now_9045Cloud Scare_4950Cumulus Connection_1811Devil SkyDisturbance of Peace_9244Drifting_0917Fire above the TreesFloating FreeHidden Light_4941IlluminatiOut of the Blue_8952Soul Ascension_col_3208St Andrew's SkyStormset_8944_zStormy Sunbeams_4999The Spirit of St Elmo_8941