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In this series I explore the dramatic formations of clouds as they continually form, change and reform as our weather patterns change throughout the seasons.

If trees are the 'lungs of the world' Air is their most vital by-product, sucking in carbon dioxide and releasing vital new oxygen.

Our atmosphere can be as gentle as a poet's kiss or as destructive as a demon's fist and our clouds reveal Nature's varying moods.
Amber Anger above Pines_5649_5DLee Pen under Spotlight_5034_90DSolo_3117-90D_local-2Sky Blaze_1318-localClouds in Blue Sky_9721-5dFlight of the Fallen_8957-7D-localCloud Fusion_8115-5DReds and Blues_7807-5D_localDark over Light_6983-localOut of the Blue_4741-2Pink Light_4686Passover_4677Breaking Blue_4523Sky Jelly Fish_2807Clouds over Hill_272620210208_MG_2413_localAt Rest_9549- 5DBird on the Wire_9474- 5DThe Observer_9437- 5DSeeing a Way Through_9029- 7D