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Fire is the element of passion. It gives us the motivation to act. From dawn to dusk, the sun, that great heavenly fire, makes its journey across our landscape and lives, bringing heat and warmth to an otherwise cold world.

It can also be seen in the violence of an electrical storm as Earth's energy builds then releases its awesome power. Fire has the potential to cheer or harm - its part of its 'charm'

Soundtrack by Craig Jeffrey from the Album 'Don't Blow Away' - Don't Blow Away
Sun through Clouds_8517-7D-localLast Call_7971-5D-localSunset over Manor Bridge_7631Sunset from Caerlee Hill_7607-localFly me to the Sun_6278-5D-GourdonGolden Weeping Birch_3161_7D_skyBirch Tree Sunrise_2634_sunBirch Tree Sunrise_2631_sunBright Star above The Minch Summit_2624_localSun behind Toll Wood_2393_localWinter Sun by Tweed_2293_localSunset behind Caerlee Hill_0282Storm Clouds over Pirn Hill_0918Solar Tree on St Mary's Loch_0851_5D2Flight of Daedalus_0088_7DRising Star over Lowland Mist_0585_5D2Sun Setting over Tweed_0032_7DBirch Tree Misty Sunrise_0247_5DTAO of Light_0031Light Always Shines Through Darkness_8965