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Exploring private and public gardens, wild flowers and seasonal plants from around Scotland
Crocus Shoot_2667_localSpring Daffodil in Sunlight_2662_localSpring Snowdrops_2648_localSnowdrop in Spring_2643_localBirth of a Snowdrop_2366_localFoxgloves after Rain_0036- 5DGarden Daisy_8828- 5D11Spring Daffodil_8601- 5D11Garden Crocuses_8552- 5D11Holly Berries_20191027_1146_7DRose Beads_9621Strawberry Rose_9619Orange Poppy_9608Pink Rose_9543Red Amongst Yellow_0584African Daisy_9481African Daisy_9475Riverbed Flowers_9438Lesser Stitchwort__9428Lesser Stitchwort_9418