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Images from the central belt of Scotland from north of Glasgow to Stirling and Loch Lomond & the Trossachs.
Ponies under Tree_Loch Voil_4302The Beehive Cluster over Lagg croft_4584Sunset over The Trossachs National Park_4294Sunset over The Trossachs National Park_4271Sunset over The Trossachs National Park_4574Fishing on Lake of Menteith_4243- 5DSunset Behind Fir Tree_1505_5DColonel Sir David Stirling-DSO-OBE_9692Colonel Sir David Stirling-DSO-OBE_9680Trossachs Panorama-20220408_9654-PanoFlanders Moss Bog-0129Flanders Moss Bog-0113Flanders Moss Tower-0112Falls of Falloch-0067Inveruglas Looking North-0042Inveruglas Pyramid Viewpont-0034Inveruglas Pyramid Viewpont-0031Inveruglas pier with A Chrois and Sloy Hydro-0027-2Loch Lomond from Inveruglas Pyramid-0022Loch Lomond from Inveruglas-0020