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The area west of Peebles from where the tributaries of the river Tweed, the Manor Water has its source and the and Lyne Water joins. The Manor area is steeped in folklore from Macbeth's castle to the Manor Dwarf and has churches or 'Kirks' (church of Scotland). Manor Kirk was erected in 1874 and its bell is thought to be the oldest in Scotland whilst Lyne kirk, lies on an ancient 12th C location close to a roman fort site and megalithic standing stones.
Black Meldons-20191027_1090_7DLyne Station Road-20191027_1125_7DLyne Station Road-20191027_1129_7DLyne Water Walk-20191027_1079_7DMacbeth Castle summit-0381_geographMacbeth Castle towards Glenrath-0384Manor Bridge_7952-7d-localNorth Manor Valley from Wood Hill-0389Old Manor Brig_4318-spring-2023_5DOld Manor Brig_4323-spring-2023_5DRainbow over Black Meldon_9661Scot's Pine in Autumn Sunset_1113_7DSouthern Manor Valley from Wood Hill-0370The Meldons-20191027_1089_7D