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Traquair House and snowdropsTraquair House and snowdropsSnowdrops in the fireground of Traquar House, Innerleithen, Scottish Borders.
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Traquair Cottages through Trees_2098_localFetham Hill from Traquair_2097_localTraquair_2080_localTraquair House and Bare Trees_2059_localTweed Reflections at the Quair_0353_5DTraquair Kirk_0231_5DCastle of the Glen in Early Autumn_0150_5DLee Pen from Southern Upland Way-7DThe Light of Traquair_9016- 7DQuair Water meets River Tweed_0004- 7DTraquair & Beyond_20191114_0050_7DTraquair & Beyond_20191114_0050_7DTraquair & Beyond_20191114_0050_7DAutumnal Light at TraquairNovember Light_20191114_0013_7DRiver Tweed at Traquair_20191114_0006Traquair House in Autumn Light_1172_7DThe Rolling Hills of Traquair_0096Traquair and TweedTraquair Kirk-0569

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