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From Portpatrick on the extreme south west coast through Ayrshire and up to Greenock.
Port Cardloch beach looking to Girvan_1011-GirvanAilsa Craig in the Spotlight_1002-GirvanGirvan Promenade-GirvanAilsa Craig from Girvan Beach_0971-GirvanGirvan Harbour Fishing Boats_0967-GirvanGirvan Harbour_0965-GirvanGirvan Harbour Pier_0956-GirvanAilsa Craig from Ardmillan Castle_1436Irish Sunset_9973-Edit-2018Sunset at Corsewall Point_9927_zHalf Way Sun_9916Liquid Gold_9905Corsewall Point Lighthouse Sunset-1863Sunset at Corsewall Point_9876Sunlight on Sea_9871