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The majestic St Marys Loch (5km long) is the source of the Yarrow water and is fed from the Megget water and reservoir further up in the northern hills. It is met at the western head with the Loch of the Lowes, a smaller but equally attractive loch.

It takes its name from the Church of St Mary which once stood on its others shores and the area is famous for the poet James Hogg, known as the Ettrick Shepherd.
Source of Yarrow Water_5697_5DSt Mary's Loch Sailing Club_3588-local-90DSolar Tree on St Mary's Loch_0851_5D2Whitson Sike at St Mary's Loch_0700_7DWhitson Sike at St Mary's Loch_0699_7DShadow on the Path_4741_Delicately Balancing Nature_0023St.Marys Loch Marina_0019Standing Still by the LochOn Golden Pond_4734James Hogg Monument-3463Star Light on St Mary's Loch-3419Black Pines in Autumn Light_2627St Mary's LochTibbie Shiels and Marina from Jetty_0037A Shaft of Light_9363Stillness on St Marys Loch_0025-2Slide in to Green_9356Yarrow Valley Sunset_4063St Mary's Graveyard_0004

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