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The Ettrick and Yarrow Valleys flow east west in the Southern Uplands along the A708 Moffat to Selkirk road. They take in the spectacular St Mary's Loch & Loch of the Lowes and are in the heart of the Poetic homelands of the renowned Ettrick Shepherd (James Hogg), Tibbie Shiels Inn, The Marina and the George Hotel. Further east lies the Greater Mare's Tail, one of Scotland's highest waterfalls fed by Loch Skeen high in the Upland hills.
Dryhope Sunset through Pines_5738_5DShadow of Dryhope Tower_5729_5DDryhope Tower in Winter Sunset_5724_5DSource of Yarrow Water_5697_5DBowhill House in Autumn_20191015_0736_7DBowhill House in Autumn_20191015_0733_7DBowhill Loch in Autumn_20191015_0724_7DYarrow Valley Sunset_4063Yarrow Valley Sunset_4063Dryhope Tower_8762Cross Keys, Ettrick Bridge_2647Ettrick Ruin_2646Newark-Tower_54105Bowhill House_509430Kirkhope Tower_4464Yarrow Valley_4456Winter Road in Yarrow _3273_5D-01Glebe Stone_3264Yarrow Stone_3260_5D-01Yarrow Valley in Deep Frost_2523

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