Graham Riddell Photography Scottish Borders | Ettrick & Yarrow Valley
The Ettrick and Yarrow Valleys flow east west in the Southern Uplands along the A708 Moffat to Selkirk road. They take in the spectacular St Mary's Loch & Loch of the Lowes and are in the heart of the Poetic homelands of the renowned Ettrick Shepherd (James Hogg), Tibbie Shiels Inn, The Marina and the George Hotel. Further east lies the Greater Mare's Tail, one of Scotland's highest waterfalls fed by Loch Skeen high in the Upland hills.
Black Pines in Autumn Light_2627Boats Resting on the Shore_003Croft on the Loch_2630Cross Keys, Ettrick Bridge_2647Dryhope Tower_8762Ettrick RuinEttrick Valley Sunset_4063Frozen St Mary's Loch_2621Glebe Stone_3260_5D-01Golden Night_2053James Hogg Monument View_9881On Golden Pond_2779Purple ReflectionsReflections of Capercleuch_0229Serenity_3301Slide in to Green_9356St Mary's Graveyard_0004St Mary's Loch Sunset_2309St Mary's LochTibbie Shiels overlooking St Mary's Loch_0225