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Innereithen High Street_0008Innereithen High Street_0008Innerleithen High Street taken on March 4th, 2019. Scottish Borders.
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Innerleithen is the eighth largest settlement in the Scottish Borders with a population of almost 3,000 and is situated above the junction of Leithen Water and the River Tweed in the eastern part of Tweeddale.

It is also twinned with Le Nouvion-en-Thiérache in France.
Tweed Sunrise from Traquair Road Bridge_1393Cuddy Bridge InnerleithenLee Pen from Cuddy Bridge_3519-localInnerleithen Church, CoSBallantyne MillSt Ronan's HotelBridge Erection CompanyCaddon Bank During the Big Freeze in 2010_1983Traquair Fishing Hut in Winter_3018-5DFrozen Birches_3000-5DWinter Woodland Sunset_2887-5D-localA Winter Walk to Pirn Wood_2886-5D-localWinter Sunset over Leithen Water_2858-5D-local-3Winter Sunset on Leithen Road_2948-5D-localLeithen Road in Winter Sun_2942-5D-localRiver Tweed in Autumn Light._2290St James RC Church_9786Cloud above Lee Pen_8543-7D-localPink Light on Tweed_8173-5D-localRiver Tweed in January 2022_7828-5D_local