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I live in the Scottish Borders in the beautiful Tweed Valley which takes its name from the great 'Queen of Rivers' the Tweed, so famed for its salmon and trout fishing and lowland hillwalking.

It is an area that embraces the Southern Upland mountains and contain such gems as St Mary's Loch in the Ettrick Valley, and Megget and Talla reservoirs resting high in the glens of Upper Tweeddale. Further north the Moorfoot Hills also form part of the SU range.

Though not as high as the Scottish Highlands, these Lowland Corbett and Graham hills are more accessible yet still remote enough to find solitude and peace with nature and demand respect.
Southern Uplands from Innerleithen-printDryburgh Tower by Ward Law_5745_5DShadow of Dryhope Tower_5729_5DThe Open Road_3261_7D_mountbengerWindfarm from Mountbenger_3255_7D_mountbenger-1Mountbenger Law from Lee Pen_2764STOCK ART IMAGES LandscapesThe Eildon Hills from Mich Moor_2627_localBright Star above The Minch Summit_2624_localTop of Minch Moor_2616_localFetham Hill from Traquair_2097_localFire over Ice_2043_localShadow on the Path_4741_Standing Still by the LochAlong the Way-0721A Dappled Land-0666Blake's View-0635Newhall Hill to Lee Pen-0593A Rugged Land_0422White Coomb Cold Shoulder_0421