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Taking in the two main reservoirs of Megget and Talla from where much of Edinburgh's water supply comes from, these higher altitude ranges of the Scottish Borders are a haven for wilderness seekers, wildlife and dramatic scenery.
Fruid Reservoir Control Station_0885_5D2The Long and Winding Road to Fruid_0055_7D2Talla Reservoir-oct-2016-0021A Hard Road to Master_7303Sublime_0019White Coomb above Talla Reservoir_9339Talla Reservoir towards Linnfoots_0001STOCK IMAGES (Scottish Environment)A Fresh Perspective_9335Talla Linnfoots_9334The Road to Talla_9332-1Talla Water to Talla Reservoir_9935-36The Winding RoadTaking the High Road_9892Talla FallsAutumn Reflections