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Along the Way-0721Along the Way-0721Heading north on the Southern Upland Way across Blake Muir and Newcraig Hill towards Traquair and In the distance, Innerleithen. Southern Uplands, Scottish Borders, Scotland, UK.

Sex in the City

July 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I recently had the pleasure to attend a Street Fashion photography workshop with world renowned Edinburgh Fine Art photographers Trevor & Faye Yerbury in their capital city.

We began shooting in the city centre at the Usher Hall off Lothian Road and exploring some classic beauty fashion portraits of our wonderful model Riona Neve from Belgium who was over on her first ever visit to Edinburgh.



I love classic beauty photography and shot in natural daylight without reflectors or any additional lighting using my EF 70-200mm at f2.8. on a Canon 7D body and a 24-70mm on a full frame Canon 5D. I placed Riona in the darkened doorway of one of several wooden doorways that form part of the original building's wonderful architecture to create contrast to her pale complexion. I wanted her looking directly into camera for maximum impact and I think her expression in top image was as captivating as it was engaging. The second shot was taken from another set up and I liked the look of it.

My eye was then drawn to a series of billboard posters and I decided to try and place our model within them. The regular repeat pattern of yellow and blue seemed to cry out for a long lens to compress them and so after a little persuasion Riona agreed to try and craft a look with her placed within them. In the image below, I love the strength of colour and the way Riona's casual 'waiting' posture punctuates the whole scene in her black outfit. 67ca216d-4df0-4583-bfe7-562a3e46deb0_post67ca216d-4df0-4583-bfe7-562a3e46deb0_post b19769b6-caa0-40b8-afde-4c05a45bff64_postb19769b6-caa0-40b8-afde-4c05a45bff64_post

Next came a change of clothes into something more adventurous. Dressed in a black bodice, black stockings and suspenders, and topped with a scarlet hat we ventured into the seedy lane of Grindlay Street Court which was the perfect choice to create some atmospheric images again using natural light only. The lane was dark and had graffiti sprayed on the walls which added to the sense of a somewhat seedier atmosphere. There were really only a couple of spots where the light was optimum and in these shots below I sought to capture her sensual side.

6c5f454d-da4c-4857-b2c1-b1b2a7759e08_post6c5f454d-da4c-4857-b2c1-b1b2a7759e08_post 5b8a9a33-2b0a-4a43-8db6-0fdd4b36c2ca_post5b8a9a33-2b0a-4a43-8db6-0fdd4b36c2ca_post 2f47bc80-ed90-454e-8a05-2757fcaafe1f_post2f47bc80-ed90-454e-8a05-2757fcaafe1f_post 907e16b3-5ba6-4431-897f-c3aada94830c_post907e16b3-5ba6-4431-897f-c3aada94830c_post Keeping the theme, we moved across the road to the Financial district where a walkway bridge over the main road afforded opportunities to expand on the theme. The next few shots I felt worked best in black and white as the light was naturally diffuse with grey skies and ever-threatening light drizzle. I then followed up with a strong colour background.




We then moved on and left the Financial quarter and the bemused onlookers and headed into the centre again for a quick change and some elegant fine art within the steps and pillars of the neo-classical stone building of West Register House formerly, St George's Church.

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Finally we headed down to Stockbridge to explore a venue popular for weddings and it was fitting to change dress once again, this time in opposite to the sharp lines of our black dress and hat styling to something fresh and lifestyle in white.

8a15499f-4f21-44a7-98ed-32ee393ad0bb_post8a15499f-4f21-44a7-98ed-32ee393ad0bb_post 695502a1-7195-480c-bc64-3a2eb3b9474a_post695502a1-7195-480c-bc64-3a2eb3b9474a_post





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